Future For Nature Academy

The Future For Nature Academy (FFN Academy) is a national network of students and young graduates with a passion for nature conservation. By organizing varying activities such as lectures, documentary-evenings, a photo-competition and symposia we create a platform for people to meet, discuss and make plans together for a better future for nature. FFN Academy is inspired by the winners of the Future For Nature Award and other conservation heroes. The FFN Academy is active since September 2016 and is founded and coordinated by PhD student Rascha Nuijten and Wageningen University ecologist Ignas Heitkönig. The FFN Academy is also happy to help with the promotion of other activities that fit our goal and mission and shares internship and job opportunities. 

QUESTIONS? GET IN TOUCH WITH US: ffnacademy@gmail.com 

Goal & Mission

To inspire and empower young people by bringing them together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration, to expand their network and to address current and future challenges in nature conservation and sustainability.



Expand further in the Netherlands to reach more (young) people to inspire and empower them.


Develop into an (inter)national network and collaborate with similar communities abroad such as Conservation Optimism (conservationoptimism.org) to spread the ‘vibe’ of conservation optimism.


Share internship, job and volunteering opportunities by our network of nature organizations that are in line with our goal and mission.

Future For Nature

The FFN Academy is inspired by the winners of the Future For Nature Award. Future For Nature (FFN) supports young, talented and ambitious conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals, plants and ecosystems. The commitment of these individuals makes the difference for the future of nature. Through their leadership they inspire and mobilize communities, organizations, governments, investors and the public at large. FFN’s flagship event to encourage a new generation of outstanding nature conservation leaders is the annual presentation of the prestigious Future For Nature Awards. FFN highlights the work and achievements of the Award winners as role models who can pass on their passion for wildlife conservation to other people. FFN provides this community of Award winners with learning support, mentoring and financial assistance. In 2017 Future For Nature celebrated its 10th anniversary with a festive event where all Award winners of previous years were able to meet, learn from each other, and inspire future conservationists from the Future For Nature Academy. Guest of honour during the award show was his majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.