future for nature academy report


Every time I read or listen to a story of an awesome conservationist, I end up with mixed feelings. On the one hand, my inner conservation fire is lighted and I feel more and passionate than before. On the other hand, there is this feeling of unreachability: I want to witness conservation work with my own eyes and contribute to the incredible work of conservationists. And I think I’m not the only one having this feeling.

With ‘Future For Nature Academy: Report’ I tried to bring the work of some of these conservationists to your screen. By visiting and volunteering at not one, not two, but five projects of Future For Nature Award winners, I’ve been able to give you first-hand experiences of the incredible efforts of these conservation heroes.

Below you’ll find  my conservation stories from the field. In these blogs and vlogs I discuss the award winners and what’s going on at their organisations, about my volunteering activities at those projects and about other related conservation topics. Have a look below to see my latest posts!