Future For Nature Academy Report

Future For Nature Academy Report

Bringing conservation action to your screen

All across the globe people are out there, fighting at the forefront of conservation. We at Future For Nature Academy try very hard to bring the stories of these conservation heroes across. Lectures, movie nights and workshops are some of the ways to achieve that goal, but these activities will never do justice to the situation in the field.

Through ‘Future For Nature Academy: Report’, we try to give a small glimpse of what it is like to be a conservationist. A visit of FFN Academy member Ruben to several Future For Nature Award winners in 2018 marked the start of this conservation journalism project. During his journey, Ruben created blogs and vlogs to show conservation in action.

The positive reactions on this initiative inspired other FFN Academy members to continue this project by reporting on their experiences in the field. Over the coming time, we hope to expand our team of reporters, covering conservation stories from all over the world, all with the aim of inspiring as many people as possible!

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