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Panel Discussion Dutch Forestry

Panel Discussion Dutch Forestry

Three visions on Dutch forest management discussed

Climate change is one of the biggest future challenges of forest management. Experts are still divided about how to manage Dutch forests towards climate adaptation; should we interfere with natural forest processes or not?

On March the 17th, Future For Nature Academy organized a panel discussion about Dutch forest management with 3 professionals; Harrie Hekhuis (Staatsbosbeheer), Liesbeth Bakker (Wageningen University) & Leo Linnartz (ARK Natuurontwikkeling). After a short introduction, they discussed 4 statements regarding forest management regulations that may help with decreasing the negative consequences of climate change and ways to prepare our forests for the inevitable climate change. 

The statements were:

1. Dutch forests, how they are managed nowadays, are able to handle temperature changes, drought and acidification efficiently before it will get problematic.

2. Mixed forests are more resilient and therefore should be the main goal in forest management concerning climate adaptations.

3. We should change our forests, so drought-resistant trees become more dominant.

4. Which additional measures should be taken concerning climate adaptations in forest management, besides the ones already discussed? 

Even though the experts had diverse opinions about the subject, there was also a lot of agreement between them. After the panel discussion, there was a short Q&A where questions could be asked directed at the 3 guest speakers. Participants could also join in at the end and bring in their own creative additional measures for statement 4. 

All in all, it was an impressive evening and we hope to organize a similar event in real life with all of you soon!

You can watch the event recording here (in Dutch).

By: Michou Weimar