The Plastic Discussion

Join us on the evening of the 27th March for an evening of discussion and finding ways to engage in solving the plastic crisis! The Future for Nature Academy will be hosting the evening that will feature 6 passionate students or graduates who will share information about what they are doing to find solutions. These include a student who took a break from studying to collect plastic debris in the Atlantic ocean and students who set up a social enterprise. Our speakers all approach the issue from different angles and at different scales that will hopefully inspire you to try and make a difference! Our aim is to discuss these different angles and think about how we can coordinate the different sectors to form a coherent strategy.

We will spend the first half of the evening hearing from the speakers and then spend the second half discussing how this diverse range of topics can come together and help be a part of the solution! We would love to hear the audiences views on how they think they can contribute and what needs to be done.

If you would like to join our event please sign up using the link below and we ask that you bring your own cup to the evening as it will of course be plastic free! We will provide everything else including snacks and drinks!


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