Lecture: Painted Dog Conservation

Poaching, hunting, diseases and habitat loss: the Painted Dog, also known as African Wild Dog, faces many threats. Less than 7000 individuals of this species, unique to Africa, are left in the wild.

Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) is committed to the protection of the Painted Dog population in Zimbabwe, one of the last strongholds of this species. Stopping poaching and hunting, improving gene pools and fighting diseases are some of the major activities of PDC.

During this lecture, Wilton Nsimango, education and community development manager at PDC, will teach us everything about this unique species and the efforts to save it!

For more information, see www.painteddog.org.

HAS hogeschool Den Bosch,  Room 2A12

18:15 Reception
18:30 Introduction FFN Academy Den Bosch
18:35 Lecture Wilton Nsimango
19:05 Interactive Discussion
19:30 Drinks


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