Excursion Millingerwaard

After a successful edition of a nature-experience excursion two years ago, it is possible to join the Future for Nature Academy again visiting one of ARK’s project the Millingerwaard. Under the guidance of Caroline van der Mark of ARK Natuurwontwikkeling (ARK Nature development) we will walk in this beautiful nature area. Caroline will show us how nature ‘works’, if you allow natural processes changing the environment. We will meet large grazers in the wild, search for beaver tracks, look at the stranded edges of the river and see how the landscape is partly shaped by the river. Caroline will show us that you do not have to travel a large distance to exotic destination for spectacular wilderness.

The excursion is planned on Sunday 19th of May. We gather at Nijmegen Central Station at 12:00. The excursion is completely free, aside from public travel expenses (to Nijmegen Central Station). Since, traveling to the Millingerwaard is quite complicated, especially the last part, a (free) bus will pick us up in Nijmegen central Station for the last part of the trip (back and forward). This bus will be free to use. The bus will leave at 12:00. The excursion will take around 3 hours, and afterwards it is possible to have a drink and a snack in the café. We will leave again with the bus around 16:30. The excursion will continue despite rain, so bring rain gear just in case. Sign up is required. Sign-up via the link below, via our Facebook page, or use the QR code on the poster.



email address: ffnacademy@gmail.com