Excursion Millingerwaard FFN Academy + ARK

Not only far away, but also close to home you’ll find beautiful nature areas that are worth conserving. Future For Nature Academy organizes two excursions to such an area: thee Millingerwaard. The Millingerwaard is an area that is managed by ARK Nature Development. We will explore the wilderness in the Netherlands looking for wild animals and animal traces toghether with Caroline van der Mark, who works for ARK Nature Development.

ARK removes boundaries for wild nature and creates robust natural areas where nature can develop freely. That creates a richness of landscapes, plants and animals. ARK sees nature development in the context of social interests such as recreation, mining and climate adaption, and strives for freely accessible nature. Grazing by natural herds of horses and cattle, including natural processes such as water and wind, are important factors in maintaining the wilderness.

The excursions are planned on Sunday 24th and on Saturday 30th of September. We gather at Kekerdom before the local café (http://waardvankekerdom.nl/contact/) at 14h00. Please register here if you want to join, only limited places available: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ERKYM_A4lcSWtqYUkdCtQnadDvhomwi9D83e5tmhCk4/viewform?edit_requested=true

We want to leave Wageningen, and if necessary Utrecht, in multiple cars. Departure from Wageningen will be around 13.00 and from Utrecht around 12.30. If there is enough animo, it can be arranged for some cars to leave from an additional city. Otherwise, there is always an option to travel by public transport.

The excursion is completely free, aside from travel expenses. The costs of gasoline for the cars will be split across the participants. Costs for public transport will not be compensated.

We are going to walk through rough and damp terrain, so good waterproof shoes (or boots) and long pants are highly recommended. The excursion will continue despite rain, so bring raingear just in case.


email address: ffnacademy@gmail.com