Bee hotel building workshop!

Bees and insect in general play a crucial role for the environment. Not only do they have a key role in food webs but they are also important pollination agents. In human-modified areas, such as the Uithof or the city, insects have trouble finding food and refuge.
It is thus important to support these insects. One way to do it is using bee hotels that provides shelter for this species.
On the 10th of January, first, Marie Jose Duchateau (bee specialist and Utrecht University professor) will tell us about the bees in the Netherlands, explain their importance and the problem they face in urban areas.
Then, in a partnership with the green office, we will host a worksop on making small bee hotels for people to take home and hopefully use.
The materials and tools will be provided, but people can bring tools if they have some as well as natural items (stems, wood) they might want to include in their bee hotel. (Above is a picture of the big bee hotel we’ve build at a previous workshop!)
Hope to see you there!


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