AIESEC – Go Sustainable Projects

Do you want to have an impact on the environment abroad?
Go Sustainable with AIESEC.

Go Sustainable is a unique program, set up by AIESEC
Wageningen. This program provides you with the opportunity
to go abroad and make a positive impact by doing voluntary
work. All the projects focus on Sustainable Development Goal
13: Climate Action, 14: Life Below Water or 15: Life on Land,
as specified by the United Nations. Next to the volunteering
project itself, AIESEC Wageningen provides you with a buddy,
a preparation and a reintegration program.
Interested? Sign up at https://www.aiesec.nl/sign-up/ and/or book a free
coffeechat for more information via https://aiesecinwageningen.youcanbook.me/index.jsp
Be quick to get into contact if you are enthusiastic about this opportunity because they are hoping to fill most positions for this year in May!