The Team

meet the walk for wildlife team!

The team consists of a diverse group of FFNA members from different cities. All of them share a passion for nature and nature protection. They have worked hard to make the W4W an amazingly inspiring, educational, and fun event! The team consists of Janneke, Reineke, Ignas, Marjolein,   Judith, Monica, Charlotte & Julia. During the W4W they will be joined by even more FFNA members so we can share this experience together.

Reineke van Tol

Nature is at the centre of my life both in work, study and in my daily life. Together with Janneke I initiated the Walk for Wildlife to inspire people about nature in the Netherlands and to show threats and opportunities for species living in the Dutch nature network. I will walk The Walk as a deer; will I be able to cross roads and railways on the route?


Until about a year ago I perceived Dutch nature as boring and small patches of land, but after I started exploring more walking routes I realised that this is not true at all! Yes, a lot of the area is fragmented, but there is so much potential for life and a better connected nature. There is still a lot to be done, but I hope that, through W4W we can inspire people to help develop a better nature network together. I will be walking as a fox, a very adaptive but also elusive animal.


Originally from Portugal and with a passion for Nature Conservation. I joined the W4W initiative because I wanted to help shed light into the plights and wonders of Dutch nature. I will be walking this route through the eyes of the European Badger (Meles meles), a stocky bodied mustelid that enjoys the plentiful Dutch grasslands. I am sure they will find trouble along the way!


Nature has always played a central role in my life, and its protection is very important to me. Even though the Netherlands is a relatively small country with many people, nature still finds a way to persist. During the walk I will view the route through the eyes of a slow worm (Anguis fragilis) (hazelworm in Dutch). This legless lizard is often mistaken for a snake but is completely harmless!


The Walk 4 Wildlife is at the heart of what FFN Academy is about: being inspired by nature and spreading the motivation to preserve it, with a passion.  I am thrilled by the W4W idea! Raised and skillfully coordinated by Janneke Scheeres and Reineke van Tol, it offers much scope for learning, applying, networking, team building, addressing real life challenges, etc., while having a lot of fun.  I hope we can have this as a recurring event, with various FFN Academy members, players and stakeholders!


When I started walking and spending time in nature areas a lot in my childhood, I remember I could get completely fascinated and absorbed by the beauty and tranquility of natural scenes. From the vastness of big open fields to picturesque settings of natural phenomena; they have often amazed and inspired me. The Walk 4 Wildlife is a great initiative that allows for people to see and experience the beauty of Dutch nature, which deserves protection and preservation. The W4W can inspire people to help improve the connectedness of natural areas, which will benefit many species. I will be walking the route through the eyes of a wolf, one of the latest additions to the inhabitants of our forests and fields. Better connection of natural areas will hopefully help them to thrive.