future for nature academy report


My passion for nature has overcome my allergies to nature. When I was a child I couldn’t be in the field or pet an animal because of my allergies. However, I was determined to become a biologist and help nature as much as I could. During my bachelor in Biology, I discovered that I was not allergic to birds and therefore I started to spend hours and hours with them. I became a bird ringer trainee and a volunteer in any kind of field study, conservation program, or activity that tried to protect and save birds.

Because my passion for nature is beyond birds, I decided to try to understand the patterns in nature as a whole, and therefore I started to work with data about nature. In my day-to-day life, I do my PhD in macro-ecology. I analyse “big data” to find patterns in the ecology of different species and in the impacts that we, humans, are making to nature. With my analysis, I try to persuade solutions for nature conservation to the highest level of our society. However, I believe that conservation is done every day, at any time, and by anyone and thus I joined the Future For Nature Academy to transmit my passion for nature and fight for a brighter future. In my reports, you’ll find my conservation stories about nature, starting with my passion: the birds!

Bird Conservation in the Middle of the City

Bird Conservation in the Middle of the City

Large cities and nature conservation do not seem to match well. But this video is the proof that that’s not necessarily true. Have a look and see for yourself that conservation can be done anywhere and anytime, even in a metropolis!