future for nature academy report


My passion for nature has overcome my allergies to nature. When I was a child I couldn’t be in the field or pet an animal because of my allergies. However, I was determined to become a biologist and help nature as much as I could. During my bachelor in Biology, I discovered that I was not allergic to birds and therefore I started to spend hours and hours with them. I became a bird ringer trainee and a volunteer in any kind of field study, conservation program, or activity that tried to protect and save birds.

Because my passion for nature is beyond birds, I decided to try to understand the patterns in nature as a whole, and therefore I started to work with data about nature. In my day-to-day life, I do my PhD in macro-ecology. I analyse “big data” to find patterns in the ecology of different species and in the impacts that we, humans, are making to nature. With my analysis, I try to persuade solutions for nature conservation to the highest level of our society. However, I believe that conservation is done every day, at any time, and by anyone and thus I joined the Future For Nature Academy to transmit my passion for nature and fight for a brighter future. In my reports, you’ll find my conservation stories about nature, starting with my passion: the birds!