FFN Academy day

Future For Nature Academy Day 2021

Future For Nature Academy Day 2021 An exciting day to experience The Academy Day started typically for pandemic times, with technical hiccups leaving both Award winners and Academy members on hold to join the online platform. However, this only contributed to an atmosphere of anticipation to finally meet the Award winners in a more personal setting! We did not have to wait long anyways as the organizers showed excellent teamwork to resolve any issues. The event started with an introduction…

Aftermovie FFN Academy Day 2019

On May 4th 2019 the third edition of the Future For Nature Academy Day was held in Nijmegen. Members and visitors got to meet FFN Award winners Divya, Fernanda and Olivier. Host of the day was Art Rooijakkers, who went home inspired by our ideas of conservation through inspiration.

Future for Nature Academy Day

Future for Nature Academy Day 30 March 2017 The big day we’ve all been looking forward to had finally arrived: the (first) Future for Nature Academy Day! On Thursday 30 March, at half past three, a bus arrives in Wageningen, carrying 25 Future for Nature Award winners. The day prior to the ten year anniversary of the Future for Nature Awards, we are lucky to have invited all the FFN winners of the past decade. Upon arrival at the GAIA…