Make your own linen bread bag workshop

After the stone-age and the bronze-age, some people call the twenty first century the ‘plastic age’. Plastic is a great product, it is cheap to produce and resistant. However, an enormous amount of single use plastic ends up in the environment and pollutes nature. In order to raise awareness for this problem and to offer an alternative, the Future For Nature Academy organized a plastic reduction workshop: Make your Own Linen Bread bags. Extra special because it was organized in the Seriously Sustainable week of Green Office, and together with Solidez in Wageningen.

The evening started with an introduction by Hugo Hoofwijk of the civil waste reduction initiative Wageningen Schoon (Wageningen Clean). He explained the challenges of plastic pollution, recycling and finding alternatives. It emphasized the importance to reduce the use of plastic! Filled with motivation, the twelve participants were ready to make a difference by sewing their own linen bread bag. For all participants it was the first time behind the sowing machine. It may require some measuring and trial and error but guided by Huib from Solidez, everyone managed to make their own unique bread bag. Everyone was rightfully proud of their end result and can now use it for their bread and to raise awareness on the plastic issue. The baker in Wageningen was enthusiastic and kind enough to give participants a discount when they use their new bread bag!

Do you want to make a bread bag yourself? Email us for the instructions! ffnacademy@gmail.com.

By Pauline Buffing