Internship or Research Project at Future Forest Malawi

The goal of Future Forest Malawi is to restore and conserve the different ecosystems in Ntchisi Forest Reserve. The main focus is on the vulnerable patch of afromontane evergreen rainforest surrounding the summit of the mountain, the inner part of the Reserve. Together with the local communities, we work on protection of the Reserve. This project generates a new type of income for the people living in the villages surrounding the forest, for example by taking part in patrols, and strives to make them less dependent on the forest. By working together via nature restoration, protection and education projects we aim to raise awareness about the long-term value of the forest. And consequently, that forest conservation will be essential to guarantee supply of water, harvest of fruits and mushrooms and supply of dead wood, also for future generations.

Ntchisi Forest Reserve is situated in central Malawi and contains one of the last remaining patches of afromontane rainforest in southern Africa. The vegetation consists of ferns, lianas, century-old moss covered trees and beautiful orchids. This thick forest vegetation holds the water at Ntchisi mountain. On the lower slopes the typical Brachystegia woodland with grassy undergrowth dominates. The Reserve gives habitat to, amongst others, three species of monkeys, several types of duikers, bushbuck, genet, hyena and serval, an enormous number of bird species, butterflies as well as many reptiles and amphibians.


Within ‘Future Forest Malawi’ we will be active in four different categories:

  1. Forest patrolling;
  2. Species inventory;
  3. Tree planting;
  4. Communication.

For more information take a look at the following website http://www.futureforestmalawi.com . If you are interested in doing an intership or research project in collaboration with Future Forest Malawi please contact Maaike de Jong at maaike.dejong@live.com

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