The Amazon Rainforest

How much do we really know about the world’s richest biodiversity hotspot? The Amazon rainforest, also known as the Amazonia or the Amazon jungle, covers a large part of South America, representing over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests. The area houses millions of species, under which 2.5 million insect species, about 2,000 birds and mammals species and about 16,000 tree species alone! Nowadays the Amazon rainforests are under pressure, due to human activities like deforesting, which causes a lot of species to struggle not to go extinct.

Future For Nature Academy Leiden is happy to invite you to our first event of the year, where you will have the opportunity to learn how diverse the Amazon rainforest truly is and what the future holds for this vital ecosystem.

Our guest speaker is Prof. dr. Hans ter Steege, leader of the Biodiversity Dynamics group at Naturalis Biodiversity Center. He is keenly interested in the study of plant diversity and mechanisms generating and regulating diversity at regional and local scale, with a focus on the Amazon rainforest.

His research focuses on understanding the origin and regulation of biodiversity, which he investigates within the framework of the Amazon Tree Diversity Network (ATDN).

The entry is free of charge and there will be drinks after the event. Registration is compulsory and can be done by clicking on this link:
Be sure to sign up soon, as the capacity of the room is only 40 people! See you all on the 27th!


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