Scottish Wildcat Lecture

Saving the Scottish Wildcat

An online lecture in collaboration with RZSS.

A pair of startling green eyes, hiding in the dark. Most Scotsmen yearn to catch a glimpse of the Scottish wildcat, yet never do…

The wildcat is the last remaining native cat species in Britain and is traditionally a symbol of Scottish wilderness. Unfortunately, in 2019 the last remaining population was declared non-viable. Without reintroductions, the beautiful Scottish wildcat will inevitably go extinct.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has been working on wildcat conservation for over 10 years and plays a critical role in the long-term recovery efforts for this species.

Want to know more about Scottish wildcat conservation efforts undertaken by the RZSS? Or do you just want to spend an evening looking at very cute kitties? Join us for an inspiring interactive (online) lecture by RZSS’s Scottish wildcat expert: David Barclay!

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Not Convinced yet? Here is a sneak peek video into the theme of our lecture.


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