Revisit Elephant Conservation through Citizen Science

Antoinette van de Water is a passionate conservationist currently conducting research on human elephant conflicts. In a study under the supervision of Dr. Lucy King, she is looking into reducing conflict between elephants and farmers by using bees to improve the effectiveness of fences. Together with the Phuluang Wildlife Research Station, she has collected a large amount of camera trap data capturing elephant behaviour from Thailand.

Many volunteers have already analysed a large part of the videos, but we can still use your help to get scientifically sound results! You can contribute by analysing some videos from your own computer (anywhere you want). Then, at the event you can meet fellow participants, join the discussion and look back on your own results. Furthermore, during the evening there will be plenty of opportunities to network and learn about possibilities for further involvement in elephant conservation. Sign up through to get all relevant information and get started right away!

NOTE: We ask you to analyse at least five videos before attending the event to make your evening as interesting as possible.

Hope to see you there!


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