Pubquiz & Fundraiser Tenkile Conservation Alliance (Zwolle)

Have you been wondering what the use is of all those hours and hours of watching Animal Planet and National Geographic 🐘🐊? Now is your chance to prove it was useful. Grab your friends and join one of our nature themed pub quizzes! It will be a great evening for you to enjoy some drinks, prove your smarts and learn new interesting facts. Additionally, this pub quiz will be great for Future For Nature Award winner Jean Thomas and her Tenkile Conservation Alliance, because all the money raised with the pub quiz will directly go to her to support her very important conservation work. The entrance fee will be a maximum of 5 euro (prices can differ per city. The money raised on these evenings will be handed to Jean Thomas personally at her documentary screening on June 13th (and you can be there too, so save the date and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates).
So even if you don’t win, you will still feel good about the evening!

You can register for this even using this link: (individually or as a group of 4-6 members). Please bring cash!


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