Lecture by conservation hero Antoinette van de Water – Bring the Elephant Home

On the 24th of January the Future For Nature Academy will host an interactive lecture/presentation by conservationist Antoinette van de Water. Antoinette became known to the general audience when she was highlighted in the Dutch documentary series ‘Helden van de Wildernis’ where she showed Art Rooijakkers her work in Thailand on the increasing problem of human-elephant conflicts. She uses the beehive-fence technique of Future For Nature Award winner Lucy King to succesfully keep elephants from damaging crops and villages.

You can watch the documentary here (in Dutch): https://www.npo.nl/helden-van-de-wildernis/27-04-2017/AT_2075629

More information on Bring the Elephants home: https://bring-the-elephant-home.nl/

More information on FFN Award winner Lucy King: http://futurefornature.org/winners/lucy-king/


email address: ffnacademy@gmail.com