Lecture and Masterclass by FFN Laureate Manoj Gautam

Inspiration brings forth inspiration, and it is with an inspiring lecture from Future for Nature Award winner 2015 Manoj Gautam that FFN Academy Utrecht chose to kickstart the month. Join us on December 7th as we witness one of Nepal’s leading activists who dedicated his life to protect vulnerable wildlife, animals and people in his home country.

Manoj Gautam is a young conservation leader of a special kind. In 2015 he was rewarded a Future For Nature Award for his tireless work on river dolphin conservation in Nepal. Today, being president of the Animal Welfare Network Nepal and the founder and executive director of the Jane Goodall Institute in Nepal, Manoj is more than ever dedicated to telling the younger generation about his work, often focusing on the human dimension that is crucial to conservation.

In this inspiring lecture titled ‘Fixing the Foundation of Conservation, Finding the right Tools’, Manoj will share with us the insights he gained from years of innovative and daring conservation efforts and provide a new outlook on the future of nature conservation.

Want to join?! Please register via this link and we’ll see you the 7th! https://goo.gl/forms/KLWhwChkiixQRSvu2

Date: Friday December 7th 2018
Time: 18:00 (start lecture), 20:00 (end lecture, drinks afterwards)


email address: ffnacademy@gmail.com