FFN Academy Day 2018

On February 20 the Future For Nature Foundation announced the winners of the Future For Nature Award 2018 and now you have the chance to meet them here in the Netherlands! The Future For Nature Academy has the amazing opportunity to present you the winners of 2018: Adam Miller, Geraldine Werhahn, and Trang Nguyen. In a College Tour setting we are organizing an evening of success stories and interesting discussions on the pathway to a successful career in nature conservation. How did they start their projects? What are the difficulties of a conservation career? How do they deal with disappointment? Additionally, you have the opportunity to meet with your conservation hero before the event if you sign up for the Meet&Greet competition!

The Meet&Greet competition provides the opportunity for a few students to talk to their conservation hero, half an hour before the event. The Meet&Greet winners can have coffee with their choice of FFN Award winner. Two students for each FFN Award winner will be selected based on their a short motivation on who they want to meet, why they want to meet the winner and what they want to learn from them.

Dinner and drinks will be provided (free of costs!) in the beautiful building of Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein in Velp.

Therefore we ask you to register for the event! Please do so via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrw4OM9DrPcGRA6Jgk2pe_-a7wvMb2bZ1oaml1EMNGhdy9OQ/viewform . There are only 150 places, so do not hesitate to subscribe and come up with the best question for your conservation hero!

Time schedule:

17:15: Meet&Greet with the FFN Award winners for the lucky students that win our competition

17:45   Coffee and tea

18:00   Start of the event with 3 short presentations by the winners

19:00    Standing buffet (vegan / vegetarian)

19:45    College Tour between audience and FFN Award winners

20:30   Drinks

Find more information on the Future For Nature Awards and the winners of 2018 here:





email address: ffnacademy@gmail.com