Bee an elephant conservationist: Camera trap analysis of elephant-bee relationships

Antoinette van de Water is a passionate conservationist currently conducting research on human elephant conflicts. In a study under the supervision of Dr. Lucy King, she is looking into reducing conflict between elephants and farmers by using bees to improve the effectiveness of fences. Together with the Phuluang Wildlife Research Station, she has collected a large amount of camera trap data from Thailand and she could use your help to analyse it!
Join us on the 15th January 2019 in Wageningen to learn more about the project and start analysing right away! During the evening, Bring the Elephant Home will be present to describe their inspirational work in elephant conservation and Vera Praet will give a student’s perspective on how she got involved. After that there will be plenty of time to practise with the actual data. If possible please bring your own laptop to practice the analysis, however we understand not everyone can do this so we will have other options. There will also be drinks and snacks to keep us going throughout the evening!
If you are passionate about elephant conservation it doesn’t have to end with this evening! You can join us for the challenge of analysing the rest of the data from home. There will be more information on this on the 15th. If you can’t attend the event but would still like to get involved, please sign up and we will send you all the relevant information. All contributions are more than welcome!
To know how many people we can expect, we ask you to please sign up using this link:


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