Dr Jane Goodall: Livestream on 6 locations (24 May 2018)


Primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall, famous for her pioneering research on chimpanzees, recently visited the Netherlands. The Hogeschool van Amsterdam was lucky to host her for a lecture on the 24th of May, and the Future For Nature Academy organized a livestream of this event in all six locations simultaneously: Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Velp & Wageningen!

Dr. Jane Goodall first talked about her love for animals from a very early age and about her quest to understand the world around her. One point that she highlighted strongly was her mother’s role in becoming who she is. Dr. Goodall’s mother had a supporting role in her quest of discovery. For example, Jane told us a story how she was hiding in a hen house for hours to understand how hens lay eggs, but her mother would not get mad at the young Jane.

Nowadays, Jane’s work revolves around encouraging people with an interest in making the world a better place through the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots program. As part of the Roots & Shoots program, two Dutch schools presented their work during the lecture. First, two young boys from a local primary school presented about their bee project. They explained how they created a bee friendly environment around their school and how they raised awareness. Then, two high school students presented their class work with the seal rescue center in Pieterburen.

At the end of the presentation, the livestream viewers in all FFNAcademy locations had the opportunity to ask questions through a few lucky FFNAcademy members who were present at the lecture. Moreover, the FFNAcademy decided to present Jane with a special gift. People were invited to write personal messages, quotes, etc. to Dr. Goodall about how she inspired all of us, which were put together in a book and given to Jane on stage, by our own Roos and Maartje! It was an inspiring event and we are hoping to organize such kind of event in future again.

By Esli Han