Data processing internship

Data processing internship

A full-time position helping to curate a large database of camera-trapping
records across Panthera’s regional programs. The intern will be based at the University of
Cape Town and work closely with Panthera’s Data Science team (
NB – this is not a field-based position.

Specific responsibilities include:

1. Processing camera trapping data via Panthera’s Integrated Data System
2. Verification of camera-trap classifications generated by Camera CATalogue
( and Panthera’s machine learning species classifier.
3. Identifying individual species using Panthera’s pattern recognition software.
4. Remotely assist field team’s in processing their camera trapping data sets.

The successful candidate will have the chance to develop a range of technical skills including
aspects of R and Python programming, efficient database management, training on the use
of image processing software and pattern recognition software relevant to scientific research,
and training in the development of research-related social media platforms. In addition, the
successful candidate will ultimately be exposed to an innovative and stimulating environment
on the technological forefront of wildlife monitoring and management.

  1. Minimum of a completed BSc degree in a relevant field (Ecology, Zoology, Computer
    Science, or related).

Successful applicants will possess most/all of the following characteristics:

1. The ability to work independently and in a team environment.
2. Attentiveness to detail.
3. Strong computer skills (i.e., use of Windows 10 and Office 365, Excel in particular).
4. Intermediate R programming skills related to data management. Applicants should
ideally be familiar with tidy data management (
5. Basic R Shiny ( app development experience highly sought
after, but not required.


R10,000 per month

Legal requirements:

a valid working permit/visa will be required for foreign applicants.


April 2019 to December 2019. Applications close 1st April.

To apply:

Send a 1-page cover letter and CV to: Dr Ross Pitman (