Volunteer Field Assistants – Islands Restoration Programme

Volunteer Field Assistants required for the Islands Restoration Programme in Mauritius.

Closing Date: Saturday 10 November 2018

Project background

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), has been working on and restoring island biodiversity for the past thirty years. The focus has been towards removing invasive species, replanting native vegetation, monitoring and reintroducing threatened bird and reptile species.

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Ecological Consultant


Ecosulis are the UK’s most experienced ecological consultancy and contractor, with over 25 years in the industry.  We are currently seeking to employ a full time experienced Ecological Consultant in the Aylesbury area. Candidates will be selected according to their experience and attitude towards development, planning and conservation. The successful candidate will be working as integral member of the team, to delivery high quality work.

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Adviseur en landelijk coördinator monitoring

Adviseur en landelijk coördinator monitoring


De afdeling Beheer en Planning van Staatsbosbeheer heeft een vacature voor een adviseur monitoring, die tevens de rol vervult van landelijk coördinator monitoring. Je gaat deel uitmaken van het team Ecologie Oost. De adviseurs van dit landelijk werkend team leveren met ecologische adviezen en evaluaties een bijdrage aan de realisatie van de natuurdoelen van de organisatie. Een specifiek onderdeel van de advisering betreft monitoring.

Bij monitoring gaat het om het inventariseren, vastleggen, valideren en beschikbaar stellen van (a)biotische waarnemingen als basis voor het evalueren (inclusief doelbepaling) en verantwoorden van de productkwaliteit en aanvullende doelen. Het betreft zowel SNL-monitoring als aanvullende monitoring ten behoeve van het terreinbeheer. Adviseren over hydrologische monitoring maakt geen onderdeel uit van deze functie.

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Ecologist/ Assistant Ecologist


Bakerwell Limited are looking for an ecologist/assistant ecologist to join our team of consultants at our Kent and Sussex offices. The ideal candidate/s will have a degree in ecology, be a member of CIEEM, hold protected species licence/s and have experience of habitat and field surveys and the production of professional reports. Applicants should have their own vehicle and be prepared to travel.

To apply contact info@bakerwell.co.uk.

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Summer Regreening 2018

In August 2018 the FFNAcademy Wageningen participated in the Regreenging. A joint activities camp of 4 days organized by various green student organizations active in the Green Active Network, intended for the new students in Wageningen with an interest in sustainability. The FFNAcademy Wageningen contributed financially to the Regreening, and helped with a games afternoon where the FFNAcademy could present itself. The Regreening ensures brand awareness among the 20 members of the Regreening but also among the other organizations active in the Green Active Network. A good relationship between the other organizations in the Green Active Network is important to promote cooperation and to be able to participate in other joint activities in the future. Since the Green Active Network itself does not have a budget and tries to keep the costs as low as possible for the participating students, it also requires a financial contribution of € 40.00 from the participating organizations. The Regreening was a success, but among the members of FFNAcademy Wageningen they keep a sharp eye on the added value of participating in the Regreening because of financial considerations and also in terms of personal planning among the members.

(Freelance) Project manager St. Eustatius

Period: Temporary assignment
Location: St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean
Project description: Onsite project management of reforestation project

Do you have several years of experience within the field of environmental project management? Do you have strong social skills, not afraid to get your hands dirty, and are you at your best when working in new environments? If you feel intrigued by the challenge of managing and guiding an extensive reforestation project in the Caribbean, then please continue to read.

For a reforestation project on St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, we are looking for an onsite project manager. Experience in the environmental management sector is essential to this role, along with excellent communication, influencing and facilitation skills as well as engaging with (senior) stakeholders. If this sounds like you then this could be the role for you!

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Wildlife crime seminar

Poaching and the illegal trade in wildlife products is a major conservation challenge of the 21st century. Many scientists and conservationists are using their expertise to understand and tackle this complicated problem. On the 24th of August, the Future For Nature Academy joined forces with dr. Andrew Lemieux of the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) and together organized a Wildlife crime seminar “From source to market”.

When we think of poaching or wildlife crimes, many of us probably think of poached rhinos, elephants, or tigers. However, the illegal killing of plants and animals in the wild is only one stage of a whole poaching-chain: the animal products also need to be transported or smuggled outside of the source country, and will be eventually finally be sold to a consumer. All these different stages are equally important and the better we understand how each stage works, who is involved etc., the better we are able to design prevention strategies. During the seminar the whole ‘chain’ of wildlife crime was discussed, including poaching in protected areas, transportation to markets and consumption by end-users. For example, we learned about the patterns in bushmeat poaching, about trade networks from Africa to Europe, but also about consumption in China.

Nine different experts shared their stories with the audience in the morning and afternoon. Each of the expert focused on one or more stages of the whole ‘chain of poaching’. The experts were not only researchers and academics, but also practitioners from governmental agencies. It was very interesting to see how the different Dutch agencies and organizations operate and work together. According to some of the experts, the Netherlands play quite an important role as a transit country in the illegal wildlife trade. We also discussed some less obvious, but hugely important topics such as wildlife laundering through breeding farms, and the enforcement at customs.

In between talks there was room for some questions, but the main discussion was at the very end. All the experts formed a panel to which the audience could ask follow up questions, discuss certain topics, and identify research gaps on which students could focus. Some of the key points that was highlighted was an interdisciplinary approach to better understand the problem and students were encouraged to also look outside their own discipline. Other points that were mentioned was that we also lack basic biological information about the species in the wild. This is especially the case for the lesser-known  reptiles and amphibians species.

The students could approach the experts in an informal setting, but also the other participants to learn more about each other and their work. Perhaps, the greatest opportunity was that everyone was actively involved in identifying research opportunities where students could focus on! The seminar was a big success with many students, practitioners, and professionals from all over the Netherlands joining in.

By Nick

Education Specialist


We are currently hiring (1) Education Specialist with shifts scheduled either Sunday-Thursday or Tuesday-Saturday. These staff members will focus on supporting the various K-12 and youth programs at Aquarium of the Bay and the Sea Lion Center, as well as supporting the daily operations at both sites. Under the supervision of the Associate Director of Education and Outreach and Education Manager for School, Youth, and Community Programs, the Education Specialists are responsible for ensuring the best possible guest engagement and student/youth experiences. This includes acting as an Interpretive Naturalist and Teacher, as well as providing leadership and support to the Naturalist team during supervisor shifts.

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