A Wild Year – An evening in the elements

On the stormy and rainy evening of Friday the 21st of September, a group of about 30 enthusiasts gathered at the Hoge Born in Wageningen for an inspiring evening about the outside life. Koen Arts and Gina Maffey shared their story about their year living outside in a Swedish tipi, or sometimes even without any cover against the elements apart from a tarp. Using photos, a video and live demonstrations the FFN Academy public was drawn into their way of life and inspired by their courage.

Despite thunder and pouring rain, Koen gave a demonstration of how to split wood and make fire (in the rain). In between the showers we roasted marshmallows and brainstormed about how to live more outside ourselves. Cause, truly, how much time do you spend outside? Exactly… it is something to work on. And that’s what Koen and Gina will do in their Nature Experience Foundation that they are setting up. FFN Academy will think  along with them on how to strengthen the foundation. We keep in touch with this beautiful initiative. And don’t forget to go outside a bit more!

By Reineke van Tol